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Linear Stretch Blow Molding Machine
ecoblo series Watch

Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Technology
ecoform series Watch

To Support Customers with
New Project Development,
Operator Training, Trouble-shooting,
Maintenance, and Spare Part Supply

New Project Development

Based on experience and know-how gained over a decade in the field of blowing technology, ETEK professional specialists will assist our customers in bottle / preform design, marketing samples and production system turnkey solutions.
Training On-site at ETEK’s or Customer Production Facilities
ETEK's mission is to teach and train the new operators during F.A.T. and/or S.A.T. in a few days or even a few weeks how to get the most out of the machines.
Trouble-shooting Program
ETEK’s professional teams provide machine troubleshooting in different ways according to our customer specific needs with the objective to reduce machine downtime rapidly.
● Via Telephone and/or Internet
    If not related to the component failures, ETEK’s service engineers diagnose the problem together
    with the customer technicians over the phone or internet and then propose a rectification procedure.
● Via Tele-Assistance Program
    ETEK’s blow machines have an option for the installation of the tele-assistance program which is
    able to directly connect the machines to ETEK’s service center for the instant diagnosis or
    correction of the machine software by modem.
● Via On-site Visit
    If the trouble cannot be worked out by phone and internet, and the tele-assistance program, ETEK
    will arrange the on-site visit and diagnosis.
Maintenance Program
An agreement can be worked out for scheduled maintenance operations guaranteeing regular interventions by ETEK’s service team.
Spare Part Supply
An efficient after sales service at different regions around the world relies on an after sales force growing proportionally to the number of machines installed as well as on a prompt spare part supply. ETEK has the central spare part inventories located in its Dongguan plant with over thousand parts in stock; nearly 90% of strategically vital components are instantly available and are ready for delivery.
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